Coming Of Age Film

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The friendships you have when you're twelve years old are unlike any others that you will ever have again in your life. Stand by me portrays this idea with an unearthing adventure of a group of kids. The young group of boys; Gordie, Chris, Teddy, and Vern all leave their awkwardness behind on this journey to a dead boy outside of their small town, Castlerock, in an attempt for fame. The older “gang” of teenage boys believe they could benefit from this fame which causes conflict for both groups. But through this experience, the young boys understand each other's difficulties in relation to success in life. The young boys all have a trouble in life which contributes to the most important theme of the film; the coming of age moments that shape…show more content…
Rob Reiner shows this by including some details of the young boys friendships’ that should be nostalgic to most adults. Specific aspects like attitude, slang, comedy, and connections make childhood relationships different than others. Connections specifically meaning the brotherhood between the young boy throughout their adventure. As they travel further to the dead boy, the young group of boys gain this brotherhood through the difficulties that they have during and outside the adventure. For example, Chris continually tells Gordy that he has so much talent in writing, knowing that his father and Gordy himself don’t have this belief. Chris goes beyond the difficulties of the situations at hand in this adventure to remind Gordy of his worth. The same building brotherhood happens to Chris from Gordy as well near the end of the film when Chris states that he “will never get out of that old town”, or in other words will never amount to anything great in life. Chris believes this because of his trouble at home, but Gordy believes that he has great leadership abilities. This brotherhood works both ways and shapes the importance and uniqueness of young friendships portrayed in this
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