Coming Of Age Films Essay

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Coming of age film

The coming of age genre has been around as early as the ancient greece times. With stories such as Hercules. The coming of age genre was made to teach the adolescents about growing up. It was with the invention of movies that let the adults not only tell adolescents but now they can show them. With the first real coming of age movie Rebel Without A Cause teens and young adults were amazed with the fact that they were not the only ones that have a tough time growing up and the struggle of being misunderstood by adults.The reason why so many people feel gravitate towards coming-of-age movies. Those types of films speak to a turning point in our lives that is critical to who we'll become.
With movies such as The Breakfast Club it takes a group of everyday high school kids locked up in detention and uses the situation to explore the psychology of teenagers both popular and socially. This movie is an example of how a movie can define a generation. Coming of age movies help teach
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Some films have defined a generation like in the recent coming of age film Dope in used costumes, sound ,and acting in such a way that it can define this generation. In the movie Dope it followed a young geek named Malcolm and his friends as they try to survive living in a hard neighborhood. In the movie dope it used film elements like sound, acting, and costume to attract it’s teen audiences. The sound in the film attracted it’s teen audiences by putting together a soundtrack that the generation can enjoy, kind of like the movie Harold and Maude. The acting choices used in the film attracted teens by casting popular actors like “ASAP Rocky” and “Shameik Moore”. The costumes worn in the movie attracted teens by putting popular brands like Nike, Jordans,and Bape in the movie.
In conclusion I think that Coming of age films have gotten better and more importantly in the development of

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