Coming Of Age In Mississippi Thesis

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“Coming of Age in Mississippi”, a memoir by Anne Moody, details her life story from childhood through her years at college as a young adult in the prime of the civil rights movement in the rural southern United States. This book was first published by Bantam Dell Publishing in 1968, and has been deemed a classic in its recount of Moody’s personal and political struggles against racism as an African American female in the South. I believe this book’s subject matter is social in nature, and deals with many issues including race, class, gender and politics. With the above mentioned, it is my belief that this book is very relative to the social sciences field.
As stated earlier, this book details the life of the author from childhood through adulthood.
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It is best suited for a mature audience seeking a firsthand account of life in the south during the civil rights movements. While it may be a crude and stark glance at a young woman’s coming of age, I believe that the author’s intentions were to maintain the story’s accuracy in every sense. Furthermore, I believe that this story was well written, very nicely organized and very relatable for its humanistic instances. I can only assume that this book being a memoir made it easy to seem relatable to readers, however I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Coming of Age in Mississippi”, the story of Anne Moody’s life. As detailed throughout this book, Anne Moody heavily participated with different civil rights organizations including Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) throughout her collegiate career until her graduation. Afterward, she relocated to New York and served as the civil rights project coordinator for Cornell until 1965. She eventually married and had one child. Anne Moody passed away in her home state of Mississippi earlier in 2015 at the age of 74. Additionally, Anne Moody was a notable alumnus of the Tougaloo College, having transferred from Natchez Junior
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