Coming Of Age In Romeo And Juliet

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Coming of age is a process wherein an individual gains the qualities of self-actualization. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet does not develop this quality as a result of not obtaining the qualities of patience nor logical thinking as well as ignoring the advise given by others. The Nurse acts as a reliable mentor for Juliet as she personifies the qualities of motherhood and being pragmatic, however is ineffective in helping Juliet in her coming of age process due to Juliet’s disregard for her advice. The quality of parenthood is an essential part of the coming of age process because it helps the person’s respective child to be provided with guidance. The Nurse’s actions attempt to help Juliet in her maturation process as she helps to guide her…show more content…
The Nurse attempts to train Juliet to be more rational through telling her to marry County Paris instead of being with Romeo. After Juliet marries Romeo, he engages in a quarrel which results in the deaths of Mercutio, a close friend to Romeo, and Tyablt, Juliet’s cousin, as well as his banishment from Verona. Because of this, the Nurse tries to coerce Juliet into marrying County Paris, a kinsman to Prince Escalus, the Prince of Verona. Through logic and reason, she deduces that County Paris is better marriage material and that Juliet is “happy in this second match/ for it excels her first” (III.V.225-226) Feeling betrayed by her confidante, Juliet turns to the help of the local monk, Friar Lawrence, without the Nurse’s knowing. Friar Laurence devises a plan in order to reunite the two lovers. Eventually, he decides to give Juliet a potion “that cop’st with death himself to scape from it” in order to make her appear deceased, thus excusing her from the wedding. (IV.I.75) From that point on, she will travel in a casket to Mantua, where Romeo will be there waiting after having been told the plan by another Friar. Juliet, once again, acts with haste and takes the vial without thoroughly thinking of the negative implications of her actions, thus showing immaturity. Juliet finally leaves the chapel and goes home to initiate the plan. Unfortunately, the plan falls apart as Romeo is never notified of Juliet’s death being a hoax, causing him to commit suicide after having killed Paris in a duel over Juliet. Juliet then wakes up to the sight of her dead husband. Her feelings of grief and despair are too much to bear, which prompt her to also commit suicide. If she had listened to the sage advice of the Nurse and married the County, Juliet, Paris and possibly Romeo would still be alive. From end to end, Juliet remains a hasty,
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