Coming Of Age Moments In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Real courage is when you grow up and become who you really are. In To Kill a Mockingbird, there is a boy, Jem and a girl, Scout. They are brother and sister. They live in a small town in Alabama called Maycomb. Jem is normal boy. He likes guns, being tough and he loves sports. While Jem faces many conflicts and different ways of become more mature, on of his important coming of age moments were when Jem had to read to a elderly lady for over a month. Jems coming of age moment was is shown through an external conflict, a symbol, and motif. The first element that is used in chapter eleven is external conflict.To get to town, Jem and Scout must walk past an elderly sick women named Mrs.Dubose. Jem has an external conflict with Mrs. Dubose. Every time the two children walk past Mrs. Dubose’s house, she yells and harrasses them. Jem tells his father, Atticus, but he tells him to be a gentleman anyway because she is sickly. Jem and Scout usually ignore her but one day Jem and scout were headed to town to spend Jem’s money he had gotten from his birthday. Mrs. Dubose was sitting on the porch and she starts yelling at them. Jem and scout try to ignore her but she says something about Atticus, “ Your father’s no better than the N- word and trash he works for!” ( 117). This made Jem really mad, and Scout had to pull him away Hawkes 2…show more content…
Dubose. It was shown through external conflict, symbol, and a motif. In the beginning of chapter 11, Jem had believed that courage was a man holding a gun and someone who wasn't afraid to shoot or kill anything, by then end of the chapter he learns that ¨real courage is when you try no matter what, even if you know you're going to lose in the end.¨ Jem had a real issue with this old sick lady but by the end realizes what she has gone through and why she acted in such a horrible way. A very important part in growing up is when you understand what real courage
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