Coming Of Age

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Over the course of this class we have learned a lot of valuable information when it comes to the topics of children, literature, and how they develop. The adolescent stage is an important stage in the growing process of young people and has teachers and youth professionals we needs to make sure that they are exposed to things that will be see in their future so they know how to act and respond to those situations appropriately. In my opinion, one of the most important things that adolescent students will see in their path through school is the theme of coming of age. I have chosen to use the coming of age theme as the basis of my research paper, and to describe to you why it is so important for students and teachers alike to discuss and understand this topic. Coming of age is a young…show more content…
The age at which this transition happens and the context of what the child is learning changes from country to country and even child to child, and it is very likely that the child will experience more than one coming of age moment in his or her life. The coming of age event doesn’t have to be a huge monumental moment, it could just be a ritual or spiritual event or even a simple eye- open conversation with an elder that makes the child understand and appreciate life a little bit more. In my opinion the coming of age theme is an important one to teach young child at an early age because although most of them happen in the adolescent years you want to give the child preparation and awareness of what is going to be taking place in their lives in the near future so that when their time comes they are ready to face the experience head on. Two great books that gives us an understand of coming of age from a adolescents perspective are the books The Outsiders and Little Women. Both of these books are classics in the field of adolescent literature and would make a great addition to any
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