Eleven By Dalton Trumbo Analysis

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Thesis : In coming of age stories the protagonists are unable to show who they are because of fear from facing the consequences that may come along. + guilt ?

In the story “The Passage by Dalton Trumbo” the narrator who is the son his son and father relationship is described by mentioning a special occasion that they spend together every year by going camping, and there every morning they always go finishing together, but this time he mentioned how he 's growing up and things change which mean a special tradition will be broken but a new one will come along.

“Tomorrow for the first time in all our trips together he wanted to go finishing with someone other than his father. On previous trips the idea had never occurred to him.” This quote
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In the story the narrator while in school, is given a dull old red sweater by her teacher witch she knows for sure isn 't hers, but she is put on the s spot and this situation makes her very uncomfortable that she 's unable to speak up and tell the truth because of fear from conqueseques she could face.

“Only today I wish I didn 't have only eleven years rattling inside me like pennies in a Band-Aid box.” This quote refers to her keeping all her thoughts inside of her, also not being able to explain that the red sweater isn 't hers really is affecting her because she 's not being true with herself and others. “Mrs.Price takes the sweater and puts it right on my desk, but when I open my mouth nothing comes out.” This quote represents how sometimes no matter the age life hits you with difficult obstacles-moments that can be a surprise, and in this case for her it was a surprise that Mrs.Price put her on the spot by putting that red old sweater on her desk and she did not know how to react to this
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