Coming Of Age Theme

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JD salinger, and Harper Lee, use their feelings and life stories to create two unique characters who find their way in the world. JD Salinger 's character is Holden and Harper Lee 's, is Scout. The two authors both use similar, and also different styles, on guiding their characters, to maturity. The two authors exhibit the coming of age theme through Character, and setting. Both Holden and Scout learn their way to the coming of age theme through other characters. Salinger and Lee have examples of this in their writing. First off, Lee uses the time period, of racism, to really be the core of Scouts maturing life. For example, Scout asks her family 's maid, who is black, why she talks differently to negroes then when she talks to Scouts family. Calpernia, the maid, responds “Well, in the first place I’m black.” Later on the passage, Calpernia goes on to explain that she talks differently because that 's the way her people talk. Scout is innocent, to the fact that most white people despise black people, just purely for being black. When she hears Calpernia, talk differently, Scout is getting an inside look at the differences in the two cultures. In addition, Salinger has Holden interact with people he…show more content…
To begin, the two authors approached the coming of age theme in some ways similarly, but also differently. Both characters are put in an environment with people they don’t normally interact with. Scout has never been someplace where there are only negroes, and Holden has never been to a place where he talks to nuns. In addition, the two characters never have any problems with the people they are with. With Scout the negroes accept Scout, and with Holden, he and the nuns get along. On the contrary though, there are differences. In Scouts situation, she has Calpernia there to explain things to her, whereas Holden is on his own figuring things out for himself. Even though there are differences in the two characters maturing process, both end with the same goal, coming
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