Coming To America Case Study

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Coming to America Despite the western influence, the Japanese way of life is still different from the American culture (Adler, 2008). The American culture focuses on independence and individualism, in America when a person turns 18 they are considered independent; whereas, the Japanese culture is collectivism and focuses on family (Adler, 2008). In Japan, kids care for the elders so their elders do not need to rely on saving for retirement. In the case of Moto (Cercik, 1992), a Japanese business professional, takes on an assignment in the United States to negotiate a business deal, and Moto understands it takes time and skill to adjust in a different culture (Adler, 2008). Moto’s, coming from a collectivist culture arrived in Chicago, an individualist culture, main purpose is to simply establish a good working relationship with Mr. Crowell, President of Allmack (Cercik, 1992). Moto arrived unprepared for the raw winds in Chicago, so he purchased a new coat and boots (Cercil, 1992). Moto was happy and not worried about his assignment in the United States after having a pleasant experience with the American salesclerk (Cercik, 1992). Moto made a phone call and confirmed his appointment for the next morning with Mr. Crowell, the president of Allmack. Moto wanted to make a good first impression and learn more about Mr.…show more content…
Moto was telling George he needed a wife like Mr. Croswell’s. After drinking several beers, George’s tone changed and he starting pay attention to Moto. George called Mr. Crowell’s wife a dog and he also told Moto he was leaving the company. Moto was in stunned, he did not know what to say. Moto was disappointed to hear George was leaving Allmack he was just getting to know him, he thought they were a team. After several beers George opened up to Moto talked about his wife and children. After leaving the bar, George and Moto sang songs in the
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