Coming To America Cultural Analysis

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In the film Coming to America describing the two cultures in the film are the African and American cultures from Africa and Queens New York. The African and American cultures in the movie are different in some ways but similar in other ways by the way the characters in the movie are all family oriented with the respect they show their parents and the way the parents only want what is best for their children. Then there are subcultures in the film that go a little further with style of living. The culture in Africa is that people are to wait on the royal family for everything they do, but in America, the family cares for themselves without the help of servants. The rites of passage are a cultural norm in Africa for the Royal family by having arranged marriages. For example, the family of the Prince is following the traditions set forth by his ancestors by having arranged marriages. In America, they do not have arranged marriages they have the custom of asking the father for his daughter's hand in marriage. As Darryl does in the film at a party at the home of the McDowell’s. Which angers Lisa because she feels Darryl and her father is trying to plan her life for her. Some of the other cultural differences but similarities in the movie is that the families both have some type of power and wealth within their subcultures. The power and wealth in the African culture are that when the African family is having breakfast and the Prince is talking with his parents and talks about him turning…show more content…
Mr. McDowell wants his daughters to marry a wealthy man who he thinks is Darryl Jenks, but later in the movie, Mr. McDowell finds out that Akeem is a prince and changes his whole outlook of Akeem. Mr. McDowell shows his employees little respect due to thinking he is better than him due to his wealth and
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