Stereotypes In Coming To America

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Introduction In today’s society, it’s hard to not come across stereotypes placed on others by others. And when I make reference to others I mean, media and ourselves as groups of friends and companions. Most of these single sided views and ideas stem from small truths. However these truths are somewhat altered and exaggerated ideas given a negative outlook/ perception. On the people or group who are faced with the judgement of these single sided views. So in reality how true are these stereotypes. Body In this essay I plan to discuss the challenges of one sided theories or stereotypes, discuss a movie that accurately discriminates, the idea that stereotypes are real and true. I plan to discuss a movie and its one sided views and ideas, semiotics and the narrative, how the film is conducted and to give an accurate representation. Of the people who are portrayed in the film. But before I discuss the film I’ve decided to write on. One must first explain what a stereotype is and how it may alter ones perspective on the group of people who are being labeled under the stereotype. From the Cambridge Dictionary a “Stereotype - A set idea that people have about what someone or…show more content…
The genre of the film is a romantic comedy, directed by John Landis and is based on a storyline written by Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy, stars as the lead Prince Akeem Joffer. The plot of this classic film is, a young royal male from a fictional African country Zamunda has to wed a female he has no interest in. This female is one his family the royal family has chosen for him. He manages, to convince his father the king of Zamunda that he will marry, but only after he has his trip to America. However he (Prince Akeem). Plans to go America to find someone he loves and marry. He leaves for America however portrays Africa and its people as not so smart, behind in thinking with a strange accent and odd
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