Coming To America Themes

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This movie review of Coming to America a comedy romance-based film that depicts many of the 80s era’s practices of popular culture themes, and sociological concepts for different social cultures during the 80s’ era. The film illustrated themes of popular culture in the elite, high, and low culture rooted though the 80s’ epoch. Its context also provided the concepts of critical theory, upper- class ritual formality, cultural consumption, and insight of a hidden dominant sociological concept display of cultural industries’ influence within the movie. The description of the production of the film parades a need to rebellion against the traditional rituals that many individuals in countries experience in their societies.
Coming to America’s
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His intention also delivers the message, it is ok for an individual’s decision to live life on his or her own terms and not of ritual because of a family tradition amongst any social class. And the intention of the story was fulfilled with the outcome of both the fathers’ acceptance with their offspring’s decision and letting him marry a woman because of love not social status. This motion picture provided three major substantive points throughout the actors’…show more content…
You will be poor if you marry poor that don’t have money and you will struggle in society. The film scenes showed homeless people struggling to survive in the city, and through the Mr. McDowell’s discussing concern for his daughter’s life. For example, Cleo McDowell expressed to his daughter by saying, “Lisa I don’t want you to have to struggle the way your mother and I did” (Landis, 1998). This theme still springs in today’s popular culture within family, relationship etc. The second constructed theme of the popular culture was in hair
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