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College is an important and new experience for many people including myself. Coming into college I think a lot of people have small mindsets including myself towards what takes place. As Robert Frost said “we come to college to get over our little mindedness.” I agree with statement currently being a freshman in my first semester of college. College in general is a life changing experience that comes with a lot of life lessons. I think a great deal of people come in to college not knowing what to expect. Using Robert Frost quote “We come to college to get over our little mindedness,” I think my own experiences relates in full. I came to college the semester after I graduated from high school not knowing at all what it would consist of. When …show more content…

Doing a presentation in high school with all the classmates I grew up with since preschool was scary enough. I think doing this presentation made me realize the reason why I’m in college. I learned through this experience that the only way to keep going in life is to get over what’s in the way of stopping you. In the beginning I felt like I was coming to college just because it was the right thing to do. For me this was a turning point in my life, I realized the true meaning for me coming to college. I think the true meaning is not worrying about what other people think of you in life, if you’re in college or not. Overall I can say that I came to college and got over my little mindedness in my first semester. I think that having these experiences in life makes you realize the real reason for what you’re doing. I think a lot of people go into college straight out of high school with the littlest mindset about what there getting into. For me learning this lesson early in life will help me through my years in college and I am grateful for that. I think that when Robert Frost says “we come to college to get over out little mindedness” he means that we come to see the real reason why were here in the first

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