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Coming to Cowley College would be one of the best decisions of your life. Cowley College has great people and great teachers not to mention that Cowley has great students and even better sports. Also knowing that when you leave from Cowley you will leave from here with little to no debt. One of the cheapest community colleges in the U.S. Cowley also has so much to offer with classes any major you can think of you Cowley will make it happen for you. Not only does Cowley offer all of these things they also know how to put students first and they know how hard college can be because they all went through it at one point and time. Talking about how great teachers are here at Cowley is an understatement by calling them great. These teacher always put the students first even sometimes over their own family. The teachers will stay late after class and come early if you need the help. They also help so much because you can get one-on-one help because of how small the classrooms are. As if you went to a University you can’t get that help with a teacher because some of the classes are with 300 students. The teachers will always be involved with what’s going on at the Cowley like if there’s a basketball or soccer game…show more content…
Cowley has six boys’ sports teams and seven girls’ sports teams. Cowley boy’s baseball team just had a great season with a 54-5 record and have always been a power house and a top contender in the nation. The girls’ basketball and the girls volleyball team has always been good and always exciting to see both teams play. The experience of going to any Cowley sporting event is second to none because of how much passion that the students, teachers, and the community has put into the school and just a really great thing to see. Being a student athlete is just as good because you get your name in the paper and the students, teachers, and community is always talks to you about how well you
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