Coming To Our Senses Analysis

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Essay In the book we read “Coming to Our Senses” by Neil Degrasse Tyson it talks about our senses. It states how our senses are limited and how different tools broaden our senses. If we had different tools in the older times then we wouldnt have not limited senses. Or if our eyes were like microscopes then we would know more about organisms we can 't see. If our senses were heightened then we would know more about our world and universe. First of all if we had resources to help us out like the telescope or microscope. In the story it says “If our eyes had the resolution of high performance microscopes nobody would have ever blamed the plague and other sicknesses on divine wrath.” (line 131) The world would be so much clearer and easy to understand. It wouldn 't take years to find a cure or to search for something. Our world would evolve in a good way. Our senses are limited though so we have to use what we have. Secondly in the book it states on how our senses are limited and how tools broaden our senses. . It says “ If we could detect high-energy particles, we could spot radioactive substance from great distances.” (line 139) Imagine knowing where radioactivity was and how many people,…show more content…
Thirdly it shows how our sense are limited and what if they weren 't. It says “ If we were born with magnetic detectors, the compass would never have been created because we wouldn 't need one.” (line 120) This quote from the passage shows that our sense are limited because it shows that we can 't physically have magnetics in our bodies, unless they are put there. The compass expands our information and without it we would be lost. Also it says “ And if we were born with big eyes and built in doppler motion detector, we would have seen immediately, even as grunting troglodytes that the entire universe is expanding.” (line 127) This quote shows that we could know more about universe and our world if we expanded our senses.But certain tools help us learn more about the
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