Coming To Practice Is Important To You Essay

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Who knew that when your parents make you do something you don 't want to, they are actually trying to teach you a lesson. In my family everyone plays basketball, my mom and dad played and all my siblings play. During the winter months our lives our consumed with basketball, we run from practices to games. When we finally have time to rest, we retreat to our living room and watch more basketball. In seventh grade I broke my foot in the very beginning of the basketball season, I was so devastated and didn’t even want to go to practice to support my team. But through one of my downfalls, my parents, making me go to practice everyday, influenced me to become a better person and taught me to not give up when things get hard.
The air was crisp, the leaves were
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“You 're still apart of the team, and you can still learn from watching”
I was furious, maybe because I thought it would just be torture to watch my team while I sat, or maybe because I was just lazy. Whatever the reason, I protested going to practice everyday. Until another girl on my team got hurt, and she didn 't show up for practice. It really made me think about the purpose of me coming to practice, even if I just watched.
Coming to practice shows my team that I care, and as soon as I get my cast off Iĺl be right up to speed with the rest of them.
¨Wow” I remember thinking to myself.
¨I guess Mom was right.¨ Though at the time breaking my foot was devastating it taught me that you don 't quit when things get hard. This experience has made me grow as a person and become more mature. Now when life throws unexpected difficulties I face them head on instead of slinking away to hide. Attributes like this one are an important skill in life and will help me as I enter the world of adulting. Therefore, I am grateful I learned this lesson earlier rather than later. By teaching me to not give up when things are difficult my parents have influenced me to become a better
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