Coming To School Later Essay

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Coming to school later than we already do could help society in so many ways. You have the students that wake up, go to school for 10 hours, go to practice for 3 hours, then stay up doing homework and projects for 2 or more hours. You have teachers that teach, stay after school, go home, grade lessons, make more lessons for tomorrow, etc. With a schedule like that, lots of rest is extremely important. Going to school a little later could be the key to that extra rest. Even 1 hour of rest could be the difference between you falling asleep in classroom and not understanding the material to being attentive and understanding everything that is being taught. When the students are awake, they become smarter, and when they become smarter their test scores begin to rise. When the test scores begin to rise, our world education ranking improves, and that is just what we want to see. The issue for students who attend school at 7:30 in the morning, is they don’t hesitate or think twice about falling asleep. After school, sports, and homework, the average student need at…show more content…
Lots of people may disagree with the idea of us starting school later and say the school hours are just fine. They may come up with reasons like if we give the children too much time to sleep, they may gain too much energy and overtake the school. If that’s the case then schools need to make and enforce strict rules to keep their children under control, so that they don’t act out. They may also have a problem if we change the school dismissal time, because students already have dismissal plans that work. But then parents shall find an alternative way to get their children home that comprehends with the school’s schedule. There are many issues that people can come up with, but if they really want their children to learn, they will find an
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