Command Unity Importance

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Command Unity is Important To win our Nations battles, Command Unity is vital. Without it, operations will take longer than commanders intend to. Intelligence reports are a key to success, to ensure leaders are making well informed decisions. Power fast becomes an issue when personnel are not coordinating with each other. The lack of unity between commands, during Anaconda, caused issues such as; the Battle took longer than expected, lack of good Intel, and the struggle of power. The Battle Took Longer Than Expected The Shahikot Valley became a place of interest in January and February 2002 according to case studies five, by Richard Kulger (2007). The Shahikot valley is eighty miles southeast of Kubal, Afghanistan. The natural mountain…show more content…
MG Franklin Hagenbeck was put into place, for the mission. He was the Commander of the 10th Mountain Division. He arrived to Bagram Air Field, with only half of his Division headquarters. Replacements would come from other parts of the Army. He was given command authority over Operation Anaconda. MG Hagenbeck commanded his own divisional units, Task Force Dagger, and other SOF units. He did have command authority over TF 11, its subordinate units, and assigned Army units. All of which played important roles, in Operation Anaconda. In addition, the U.S. air components from the Air Force, Navy, and Marines, did not fall under his command either. Neither did the friendly Afghan forces. Conclusion The lack of unity between commands during Anaconda caused issues such as; the battle took longer than expected, lack of good Intel, and the struggle of power. After Operation Anaconda, the Department of Defense took steps, for Joint operations between air and ground to better mesh. The Army learned to include the Air Force in developing battle plans. The Airforce learned that they will always need to be ready, for close air support operations. Later, when Operation Iraqi freedom was launched, it went a lot smoother. Proving that a Joint Operation Commander is required, for Unity of
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