Admiral Mcraven's Speech Analysis

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1. This position paper is about Admiral McRaven University of Texas Commencement Speech. It will highlight his experience in the Navy Seal Training, his advice for the people who want to change the world, and the lessons I learned from him. Upon watching the speech from ADM McRaven, I felt motivated to make use of the guidance he gave in my daily life. Although he had many great points and useful advice that I plan on exercising in my career, I felt there were three major key points that I felt passionately to advocate for, and that I can relate to. The first point that I feel it is vital in any airmen’s career to act that sometimes no matter how persistent at something you are, there is always a chance that I may fail. The second point that ADM McRaven made in his speech that I found important was in regards to taking risks, it is important that if you want to change the world you cannot be afraid of taking chances and taking risks, because if you’re staying the same you’re not making any advances. The last point I will touch on is on how important it is for you to be vigilant on how you react during a difficult task(s). I will give examples as to why each of these things are not only important to myself, but important to any Airmen trying to successfully change the world. 2. The first point that ADM McRaven made on how to change the world is by accepting that no matter how hard you try sometimes you will fail. In this speech he speaks on how during Navy Seal training they were required to have inspections on their uniforms. He said that sometimes no matter…show more content…
This position paper was about ADM McRaven UT speech. It highlighted his experience in Navy Seal Training, his advice for people wanting to change the world, and the lessons I have learned from him. I have learned the importance of staying persistent even when there are chances of failure, it is important to take risks, and lastly I have learned the importance of being your best in the darkest
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