Commensalism In Science Ecology

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Year 9 Science Ecology Symbiosis Symbiosis Symbiosis is the relationship between two living organisms. The main types of symbiosis are mutualism, parasitism and commensalism. The association between the two organisms can be beneficial to one or two of the species or in some cases be harmful, depending on the type of symbiosis. Commensalism Commensalism is a biological term which is used to describe the relationship between two living organism, where in which one benefits from the other without harming it. Commensal species benefits from its hosts by obtaining food, shelter, transportation and other support. The host species is rarely ever harmed by the Commensal species. The term commensalism was founded in 1876 by Belgian Paleontologist and Zoologist Pierre-Joseph Van Brenden. Commensalisms comes from the latin word “commensalis” which translates to “sharing a table”. Commensal Relationship…show more content…
An example of two animals in a Commensal relationships is the remora fish and shark. The remora fish being the commensal species attaches itself to its hosts belly using a special sucker disk in its mouth. It travels alongside the shark and uses it for transportation. The remora fish consumes the parasites which buildup on its host body and benefits its by keeping the shark clean. The remora fish also eats any leftover food which was previously consumed by the shark. In short the remora fish benefits from its host by means of food whereas the host benefits by keeping clean and free from
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