Brief Summary Of The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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For instance, in the suspenseful short story by Richard Connell called “The Most Dangerous Game,” the protagonist demonstrates being this when Rainsford is with Whitney, talking about the superstitions surrounding the island. Whitney discusses wanting to hunt in the Amazon and not on the island. Rainsford agrees with his thoughts until he mentions how the jaguar would feel when shot. Scoffing at the man’s opinion, Rainsford counters Whitney’s argument by saying that the animal would not possess any emotion when shot. He continued by saying the world is made up of two groups; the hunted and the hunters. Rainsford and Whitney are lucky to be the hunters.
Rainsford also meets General Zaroff, who is also on the island in search of the most dangerous game. He proposes that Rainsford should survive in the jungle like an animal who is being hunted by Zaroff who is, no surprise the hunter. Rainsford later in the jungle is forced to hide in the tree from Zaroff, who locates him, but pretends as if nothing happened by unheedfully walking away toward his ship. This gives him time to dig a pit as fast as he could, due to his near death experience in France. He also uses the
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I never bothered to pick up the clothes on the bed or on the floor. It got to the point where when months later during Christmas since our decorations are under my mattress we had to lift my mattress to get them. we were setting up the tree decorations, you could find clothes under the bed that was dusty and probably smelled pretty bad from sitting there for so long. I was yelled constantly every time I did this until I finally tried to break the habit when I was about 12 years old and was able to do so two years later. I still do it now time to time, but it’s not as often. The lesson I learned from this is to watch what you do in the past will come back and hurt you later
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