Commentary On A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Finding the balance between good and bad is hard to find in both stories.
The writer seem to focus on tragedy more than happiness. Both stories intrigued the reader and showed different ways humans show their characters.

On A Good Man is Hard to find, the characters seem like a typical modern family. The family include; grandmother, mother, father, and two children. A family member, grandmother, expect to face the misfit who has been released from jail but granny doesn’t sound convincing. Grandmother show that she preferred to visit Tennessee instead of Florida, “The children have never been to
Florida before.” Society expect people like granny to be annoying to little kids or grandmothers not approve most of the stuff grandkids cooperate in.
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Mrs. Hopewell refuse to call her daughter Joy because she like what it represents to her.

Granny saw the misfit after an accident and the misfit didn’t have any sympathy when recognized him, even though he said he would have let granny family go even she didn’t notice him. Documents say the misfit killed his father, but he had “known that for a lie”. It seemed like the misfit wasn’t talking about just being in jail when he said, “turn to the right it was a wall”, but he was using a metaphor to explain how he didn’t receive the help when he asked for help as a kid and didn’t receive it since people saw him as a killer. He doesn’t ask help from anyone because, “He is doing fine by himself”.

Joy fell in love with the country boy, Manley Pointer, who was selling bibles. Manley Pointer lacked honesty and Joy couldn’t see it because he seemed genuine and she was blindly in love or felt like she could trust him. At the beginning Joy didn’t seem interested to Manley. Mrs. Hopewell stereotype about county people being nice was proven wrong when Manley stole Joy stuff. Manley behavior was unexpected because he fake a character to Joy so well, he gained
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