Commentary On Bustle By Rebecca Jane Stokes

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here is an article up on “Bustle” by Rebecca Jane Stokes entitled “17 College Admissions Officers Share The Craziest Things They’ve Seen on Applications” that we figured we’d share with our readers. We love these kinds of articles. They’re always filled with salacious stories. And we blog about college admissions every day, so we’ve got to keep things interesting, right? If only for our own sake! So anyhow, let’s cut to them juicy tales from admissions… According to the piece, One admissions officer commented: “I got a handful of kids each year writing their college essays on losing their virginity. Always cringeworthy.” We’d say so! Why would a high schooler ever think to write about losing his or her virginity? That’s entirely too personal and inappropriate. Many students choose to lose their virginity in high school. But that doesn’t mean that Harvard is going to admit them for doing so. So why on earth would a student spend the valuable real estate of the Common Application Personal Statement discussing such? Oy vey.…show more content…
The second was easily researchable on the internet (seriously, did he not think we’d Google that?) and the first…well…yeah.” First of all, if this applicant really was a clandestine operative for the CIA, then why on earth has he or she shared this to colleges? This person clearly cannot be trusted. But, of course, this person was not really a clandestine operative for the CIA nor did this person invent the M16 rifle. Did this person really think making a mockery of the college admissions process — and lying — would lead to admission? Oy
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