Commentary On Dahmer's Life

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As a consequence of his father leaving, he became an outcast at school and began drinking as a way to escape the pain that it brought onto him. Dahmer was reclusive and quiet, his depression lead to him allowing people to bully him. His peers used his pain against him, they picked on him for being an outcast, called him a loser and a no life for turning to alcohol as a remedy to ease the pain he was going through at home. During those times Dahmer was also experiencing sexual alterations, he began getting a feeling of attraction towards men rather than women. He was also bullied for thinking sexually about anyone who wasn’t a girl. And on his way from school one day three seniors beat him up, this only lead Dahmer’s violent thoughts to return.
The bullying he experienced during high
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He had a fascination about driving down the road and picking up a hitch hiker, he would be tall, slim, with broad shoulders and no shirt. Just after his high school graduation his fantasy came into action, he would play along his fantasy about the hiker. According to a short biography video, The summer after June 1978, Dahmer was on his way home when he saw a hitchhiker and decided to pick him up, his name was Steven Hicks he was a 19 year old looking for a ride to his girlfriend’s house. ( Dahmer picked him up and took him home; he was so nervous and oddly satisfied with the thought of playing out his fantasy. Once at his parents’ house they hung out and had a few drinks, once Hicks was drunk Dahmer tried making a move, but hicks refused and said he wanted to leave. This angered Dahmer so he hit hicks on the back of the head with a barbell, this killed hicks due to the head trauma that was caused. Dahmer panicked and did what came to him as instinct; he cut open the body just like the road kill he would experiment with as a young boy, he put the

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