Commentary On Gracey's Journey

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All the people in the tons attitudes had changed the next day because all the non Indigenous people had complained about Gracey getting lots of travel expenses and items for free. I think that the next day when Mr Jenkins said this he was trying to say that if Gracie wants to get anywhere in life as an aboriginal she needs to fight for her rights and stand up for herself against the white people in the little town of Cunningham. I think Mr Jenkins said this to give her an important message saying that life will be hard. “do you understand” (J. Moloney, pg 22 ) I think that in this situation, Mr Jenkins knows that there is a risk of Gracey not being able to compete or have the gear needed for the big trip to Brisbane.

B) Why does the taxi driver ask for the money before driving them anywhere?
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I think this made Dougie 's mother feel like she needed to persuade the driver that she was like anyone else and would give the money needed to him at the end. I also think that Dougy thought that the driver was coming across as mean and racist and not wanting to have to be in the same car as an Aboriginal. “He didn 't look very happy that we wanted to get into his car” (J. Moloney chapter 2, PG 27). I also thought that Dougy came across as knowing that the driver wouldn 't have asked such a thing if the passengers were non aboriginal. Therefore I do not at all think this situation is fair to their
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