Commentary On Packing For Mars By Mary Roach

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I read the book Packing For Mars by Mary Roach. Packing For Mars is a nonfiction book that sheds light on the uneasy and sometimes awkward aspects of space traveling that allow humans to discover the unknown through rather complex topics of the sciences. Overall, I enjoyed the book because it gave me insight on how we’re able to survive in space due to many inventions and algorithms such as the general relativity equation, yet also being quite entertaining by pointing out on bizarre and comical things astronauts do in space like going to the bathroom or even not showering for such a long periods of time.
Mary Roach uses a very interesting yet appealing writing style this book. To begin, Roach seamlessly incorporates important facts and information with humor, which entail keeps the reader thoroughly
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By having these two contrasting writing methods come together as one, Roach is able to share her thoughts with the audience in a way that is appealing to their views. For example, in the opening pages of the book, Roach talks about the financial impact that space exploration has taken on the country. She provides the reader with insightful information by stating statistics such as, ¨ the launch of a single space shuttle costs $450 millon¨. This background information allows the reader to gain an insight into space exploration and also to develop their own perspective on the topic. Just when the book seemed to go off the tracks and become more like a CNN news article, Roach adds in comical mockery by stating, “Yes, the money could be better spent on Earth. But would it? Since when has money saved by the government been spent on something useful? By adding in humors disconnect, the
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