Commentary On Stargirl By Jerry Spinelli

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In the book Stargirl by: Jerry Spinelli, a girl named Stargirl comes into her first day of 10th grade at MAHS in Phoenix, Arizona. It is her first year in a public school because she used to get homeschooled. On the second day of school Stargirl meets Hillari Kimple. Hillari is the popular girl who now thinks that Stargirl is a scam being perpetrated against Student Body with government. When people say why would you think that she says to increase school spirit. Leo (main character who narrates the book) thinks that she is just new and does not believe the Hillari’s theory. Kevin (Leo’s best friend) hopes they figure out if the theory is or isn’t true so they he can get rid of the curiosity. Hillari is always complaining, she made the cheerleading team just to…show more content…
The day finally came and student run the whole show and the main goal is entertainment. The show gets the higher rating than any sitcoms on TV. Today, the jury walked in and they are usually fun but today they marched in. The episode didn’t air but almost every student knew what happened. Everyone was waiting to see how Stargirl would react. Leo stayed seated as he saw Stargirl walking towards his table and she said you’re welcome and waited for a response. Leo responds and says thank you for the card. Stargirl smiles then walks away. Kevin says Stargirl is in love and of course Leo denies it. That day everyone heard rumors Stargirl was kicked off the cheerleading team for being a traitor. After school, Leo walks over to Stargirl’s house and he finds out she lives in a dark abandoned neighborhood away from everyone else. Stargirl was nice and then eventually Leo went home. Now there are rumors about Stargirl and Leo dating. Later they find out they do like each other and that is how the middle of the book ends. To me a theme of this 1st half of the book was conformity because everyone was pretty much the same until Stargirl arrived and when she arrived no one knew how to react to her non-conforming
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