Commentary On The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, it talks about how his time in the concentration and how they were treated, and what he thought about. He talks about how they were treated brutally and unfairly just because of their religion. How they were forced to live in poor conditions, and how they were promised a better life if they came with them. That promise was broken as soon as they got to their first concentration camp. When they first go their they saw the smoke coming from the chimneys and the smelling of burning flesh. A lot of their human rights were violated. Article 4 talks about how no one should be held in slavery, but that 's was violated when all the Jews were forced to go into concentration camps and work and couldn 't…show more content…
The Jews were told to give up all valuables to the soldiers their. They weren 't able to keep any valuable belongings. When they were taken away all they can take was all they could carry, but in the end they were told to leave it all on the train. “Anyone who still owns gold, silver, or watches must hand them over now. Anyone who will be found to have kept any of these will be shot on the spot.” (Wiesel pg 25) They had to give up all their valuables away, that they worked so hard to get. The people have a right not to allow anyone who they don 't want to live in their house not to live their. This is Article 12, which was violated when the Hungarian police burst into their homes and settled in. “The same day, the Hungarian police burst into every Jewish home in the town.” ( Wiesel pg 10) They came in and without asking stayed in their homes. At first they didn 't mind, but when they started making the new laws against the Jews they started to mind. In article 23 number 1 it talks about how everyone has the right to work in their choice of employment. Yet in the book they didn 't have a choice they either worked the job they were handed or be killed if they don 't do the job and get a attitude. ¨Work makes you free.¨ (Wiesel pg 40) They didn 't have a choice in where they worked, they had to work in the place they choose, and if you don 't you
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