Commentary On The Book 'Real Boys'

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In the book Real Boys” there is a boy named Adam. He goes to a school where he gets bullied and no one likes him. He has never told his mom that he is getting bullied at school until he comes home with a black eye. He keeps everything to himself, doesn’t even tell his mom. He once had a good grade before he started to get bullied his mom was so worried about him and his grade. Boys when they get bullied or something bad happens they just keep it to them self. If they tell anyone they are not going to feel any better than just anger. One 16 year old boy he had a girlfriend they were together, after a moth of being together she said that she didn’t love him anymore. “You fell very sick but you just keep it inside, you don’t want to tell it to anyone ales. Then…show more content…
Girls have made a grate studies in math and science than boys. Girls not only outperform boys academically but also fell more confident and capable. “All other pull marks during class starts fight, skip classes, or even drop off school entirely. BY the time boys are ready to enter school they receive numerous messages- in the media from toys given to play with from old or boys, parents and teachers. When kids are separate from their mom specially boys they fell like they are going to die. According to the book “Real Boys” by William Polla, PAD. On page 26 a boy named Roger was 7 years old when his mom signed him to a summer camp for 3 weeks. The first day he got there he didn’t like it he stared to throw up every time he eats food because he was separate from his mom. He wrote a letter saying to his mom “Dear mom I heated it here. The food makes me throw up; noting we do here is fun. I am crying every day because I miss you very much I am thinking about you every time. I know that you love me, so please come and get mem right now. Love your son.” She gave him 3 more days to that he can get used to it. Then on the next Saturday she went get
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