Commentary On The Outsiders

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About five years ago while I was attending high school in the ninth grade, my teacher really exerted my classmates and I into reading novels, short stories and chapter books. We read books such as, Tuck Everlasting, The Outsiders and Frederick Douglas. Until this day, out of every book I have ever read in my so far, so short life time; The Outsiders was my all time favorite. The setting in this story was mostly the streets, hang out spots and night life areas. There were two groups which were the Greasers and the Socs. The greasers were more of a bad boy type and all of the characters who were in the group had more of a scruffy "I don't care." type of persona, whereas to the Socs had a more put together "I'm better than you." attitude. My favorite character, Johnny was in the greasers group which consisted of the other members which were; Soda, Pony Boy, Two Bit, Dally and Darry. Jonny and Dally were the closest friends in the whole story. They seeked comfort and advice from each other countless times in this fabulous fiction. Although there were times where they argued to such a horrible extent, they always bounced right back to each other in time. In this novel Johnny is portrayed as the "Lost Puppy" because it is said how many times he has been kicked down and put down by life. He had been jumped and beaten by the socs countless times…show more content…
At this point was when Johnny had tragically died, he died a hero. He had noticed a small church was on fire and there were children in there. He tried his hardest to save each and every one of them. Succeeding in that, he lost his life. All he ever wanted was for Dally to be proud of him, and he was. Johnny's last words were "Stay Golden Pony Boy" because he loved Pony Boy the way he was and his purity, he didn't want him to change and end up like the other
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