Commentary On The Poem 'Grass' By Carl Sandburg

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Cover one, Cover all. The poem that I wanted to respond to is “Grass” by Carl Sandburg because it has the deepest emotional connection to the reader out of all the other poems in the book. Sandburg starts off by highlighting the importance to keep all of the people in mind that are sent off to war and their lives are taken. Many people today take all the freedom that Americans have for grated, not only do they think that there is a place that is more free than America they don’t respect all the lives that were taken to have this great place we live in today. Sandburg never wants people to forget about the lives that were taken for a greater cause to give rights, equality, and freedom to everyone. In efforts to catch the reader’s attention the author used the phrase “pile them high”(1,4,5) to really emphasize how many bodies were stacked before they could get buried. This statement alone paints an image of many lifeless fighters waiting for another solider to dig a massive hole to give a resting place to all of the people fighting for freedom. The way the poem is written, being short and straightforward…show more content…
Let me work."(10,11) Showing how war can be so harsh and cruel while grass is gentle while being a part of nature’s beauty. Sandburg wants us to realize even if we were not around for the time these battles were fought to never forget. He expresses his point to be aware of what has happened beneath out feet and to open eyes to see how far we have come to live the free life we were given because someone else lost their life to give us that right. This is very true today; millions have fought in wars for kids to born into a free life in America when we can completely forget all the suffering and toll these deaths have cause to families. Grass may be able to cover up all the physical signs of war but it should never cause any memory to be distorted just because the grounds that wars were fought on have ben
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