Commentary On The Poem 'Hanging Fire'

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Positivity is Key “Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and not every day is gonna be a good day”-unknown. If someone thinks counterproductively, that person’s situation won’t improve. Just as in Hanging Fire, you are shown a fourteen-year-old girl who is depressed and has to battle overcoming her poor circumstances, who struggles with body-image, who possess a very judgemental outlook, and doesn’t look at the good side of things. “Hanging Fire” shows that only focusing on your failures rather than your victories won’t make anything better. “I should have been on Math Team my marks are way higher than his”. This is important to me because I believe very strongly that being positive will improve one’s quality of life greatly.…show more content…
“My skin has betrayed me”. To me self-love is one of the most important things, if people don’t love their own skin then they don’t wanna be in it. To the world, self-love is a rare thing. These days people believe they aren’t worth it. Everyone has insecurities, but in our day and time, those insecurities are exploited to tear us down which makes them hard to avoid. The narrator in this piece is trying her best to find a way to put herself down. Audre Lorde’s literary piece, “Hanging Fire”, shows what happens when someone looks at life through a judgemental lense. “How come my knees are always so ashy”. This teenager focuses on the unfavorable side of everything. Instead of seeing her inability to make it onto the Math Team as fuel to try harder she sees it as unfair. Through my eyes, I think it’s important to properly motivate yourself to reach your goals. Life makes some things more difficult than others, but you have to attempt. If someone doesn’t make an effort to achieve the things they set out to do then they’ll feel like they can’t do
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