Commentary On Vacation's End By Maria Russo

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Vacations to me are fun and entertaining but a little complicated. Leaving friends and go on a trip to a beach far away from the city can be hard. Especially when you know that you don’t have friends over there and you’re going to have to wait a long time to see them again. Even though you might feel sad, thinking about leaving friends or people that you care about for a few days or maybe weeks. At the end of the day you’ll realize that going on a little vacation could be a good idea.

In this book, “Vacation’s End”, the author Maria Russo, writes about a girl that used to live in the city, she had friends, family, and a great place to live, and she loved everything about her life. Her parents surprised saying that they were
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Everything is just different; she becomes to love the “ocean time”, she starts enjoy the beach, and painting the beautiful view of the beach. She really enjoyed painting the sea creatures and observing the waves of the ocean. The beach became something really important and great in her life. She felt happy and she was having fun. It was such a great experience for her. She felt like the beach was a place where she could relax and have fun. She didn’t want to leave; she wanted to spend more time there.

The days passed and they had to return home, but she refused. Also she didn’t want to leave the beautiful ocean; she wanted to take it home with her. It was hard to convince her that she couldn’t take it, but she finally understood. She felt happy when she knew that they were going to return home, but kind of sad when she knew that she couldn’t take it with her.

The day came and they finally arrived, she starts thinking about this whole trip to the beach, and she realizes that maybe this little vacation wasn’t a bad idea after all. She left the beach, but the memories and the good times that she had are still with her even though she’s not there
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