Importance Of Teiresias To Creon

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“Again you are balanced on a razors edge”, retorted Teiresias to Creon. Creon is still looking for a resolution to a difficult situation but the predicament he’s in leaves him vulnerable to outside sources which are the gods. “So the gods accept no offerings from us, not praying nor flame of sacrifice. The birds cry out a sound I can not distinguish, gorged with the greasy blood of that dead man” said Teiresias. The gods aren’t accepting any pleas from the elder because they aren’t satisfied with the way Polynieces body is being left out without the proper burial. “All men may err, but error once committed, he’s no fool nor unsuccessful, who can change his mind and cure the trouble he has fallen in. Stubbornness and stupidity are twins.” Commented Teriresias.
Teiresias knows that a true man must learn from his mistakes therefore changing his consequences from those mistakes before it’s too late. Furthermore, being a true leader to a kingdom takes wise counsel from those who bring wise words to help you and not taunt you. “You will never cover up that corpse, not if the very eagles tear their food from him, and leave it at the throne of Zeus” said
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Not you, nor any god on high should have any business with this. The violation is yours. So the patient, foul punishers lie in wait to track you down: the Furies sent by Hades and by all gods will even you with your victims.” remarked Teiresias. In Teiresias opinion, Creon needs to bury Polyneices’ because regardless of what he did it’s everyone’s right to be buried and that’s a universal law outside of any mans or Gods hands. Therefore, with the decision being in Creon’s hands he will suffer for not following this law because of pride. Teiresias lets Creon know that he will be cursed for violating the lands of the law and he also feels disregarded since Creon will not take any advisors

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