Commerce Clause In America

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America a country full of dreams coming true. People from over the globe travel to America in order to find a better life for themselves. As a newly born country, America is able to create this reality by their developing economy. The government helps sustain their increasing economic status by creating the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. The Commerce clause allows Congress to regulate trade between foreign nations, states, and Indian tribes(I.VIII.III). Overall, the Commerce Clause allows the federal government to be able to regulate economic activity throughout the country. It plays a fundamental role in America’s growing economy. This clause is important because it can control what goods are being imported and exported throughout America.…show more content…
On May 20, 1862, the Homestead Act was passed which offered people acres of land for low prices. In total, the Homestead Act had 160 million acres of land to give which encouraged westward expansion. Homesteaders must live in residence for five years before receiving ownership of the land. Despite that, the Homestead Act provided a great significance towards economic interest for everyone. It gave everyone despite their race and religion a “fair chance” to obtain land and start a new life. Without the Homestead Act provided by the government, thousands of citizens would not have been able to improve their economic status. Along with the movement of westward expansion and the economic opportunities comes Henry George’s book Progress and Poverty. Henry George’s, Progress and Poverty explains how the advancement of technology further increases our ability to produce but also increases the poverty throughout the country. As villages grow to cities and the development of production capability increases Henry George states, “If there is less deep poverty in San Francisco than in New York, is it not because San Francisco is yet behind New York in all that both cities are striving for? When San Francisco reaches the point where New York now is, who can doubt that there will also be ragged and barefoot children on her streets”(George). The advancement of…show more content…
America in the eyes of many was the promised land. It was the country that would have the answers to all their problems. Immigrants poured into America hoping for a chance at a better life. That's what America has been built upon. The American identity was created by the chance to find a better life, the American Identity was the people’s belief in hope. However, over the years as rural areas has been transformed into urban cities and the original idea of economic opportunity has changed so has the American identity. Currently, America’s identity has transformed itself from the glimmer of hope to the value of hard work. Today, economic opportunities are limited. There are people who are not able to find jobs or make a living. It is a competition to fight for the right to live. The citizens who strive for greatness are often the ones who embody themselves to the value of hard work. How Americans view their identity is based on the foundation of economic development and opportunities in the
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