Bud Light Between Friends Ad Analysis

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In the commercial “Bud Light: Between Friends” created for the 2017 Super Bowl, two best friends go through everyday life occurrences together. From moving furniture to watching hockey games, their friendship grew with the help of Bud Light. The audience falls into categorical structures of gender, class, and ethnicity. The advertisement was aired during the Super Bowl, and a large population of viewers tend to be male. They enjoy drinking with their friends when they watch the game, which is why Bud Light chose this audience just in time for the Super Bowl. The ad specifically features male actors as the two best friends the beer brought together. With regards to class, the company is also appealing to common folks because Bud Light is not a prestigious alcoholic beverage. The two best friends go through a series of everyday scenarios that is easily relatable to a typical American, and they have enough leisure time to do them. Furthermore, it…show more content…
The montages and intimate interactions between the two best friends imply that it was Bud Light that bonded them. Since it is against advertising regulations to see the use of alcohol in commercials, none of the actors drank a single sip of Bud Light. However, through clinking the beer bottles at the end, it can be implied that they drank the beer when they spent time together. Also, there is a connotation that people cannot have meaningful conversations while drinking. However, this ad dispels that myth when it shows one friend telling the other about his skin disease. The most important implicature in this ad is that people can build friendships just like these two people did. It convincingly portrays Bud Light as the perfect drink for the Super Bowl because it is a time when friends gather to cheer on their favorite team. This would make up one moment in a vast collection of montages just like did for the two best friends in this
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