Commercial Analysis Of Miss Dior

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I will analyze the commercial for Miss Dior Eau De Parfum, and the product, through a marketing perspective, to determine if the commercial is effective in reaching the intended consumer. The Dior commercial stars Natalie Portman in a variety of scenarios, in which she is portrayed as a spirited, brave, and rebellious woman, yet still maintains her style. The commercial features scenes of Portman arguing with a man, jumping into the ocean while wearing a fancy dress, running on the beach, visiting the Eiffel Tower, and recklessly driving a car. In the background the song “Chandelier”, by Sia is played, and throughout the commercial Portman models classy dresses. The psychological reaction that the commercial attempts to invoke is excitement, passion, living for the moment, and enjoying every day. Dior achieves this through showing Portman living her best life, and embarking on various adventures, such as going to Paris, or leaping into the ocean. Furthermore, the activities shown in the commercial act to capture the attention of the audience. The commercial is shot in a way similar to a movie trailer, and features loud music, that contains the lyrics “I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist”, which also supports the psychological reaction Dior wants to illicit. The advertisement incorporates bright colors, trendy clothing, and lively settings that aid in attracting viewers’ attention. In addition, the creator of the perfume, Francois Demachy, says, “I refined the

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