Commercializing Transportation And Communication During The Market Revolution

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The Market Revolution had to deal with that of commercializing agriculture and not with industrialization, which was presented in three different parts (1) being that of a transportation and communications revolution (2) transitioning to commercializing farming and (3) industrialization. Transportation and communication within the revolutionary era were major, due to the importance of speedy transportation by use of the construction of toll roads, huge ruts and trees stumps in the middle of the roads made it so that the only speed that was acceptable was that of slow. After the creation of the turnpike and the lessons that it taught in the efficiency with transporting goods and products, the canal was invented, which brought with it a financial …show more content…

In this frame, there were also steamboats and railroads eras, which made a vast difference in the speedy process of supplying the customer with the much-needed goods in a more timely fashion, the steamboat reduced the cargo rates across the entire country, while the railroads were quicker than the steamboats and did not depend on waterways or mules and their rails didn't freeze over. The communication revolution made it possible for messages to travel in the greatest speed known, through the use of the telegraph, which made knowing something through the nation a matter of mere seconds. During the commercializing process, farmers didn't have to grow every single product that they used, they could now buy their items and clothing from their local market at a cost that they saw fit and reasonable. Farmers now had in their possession new and improved machinery that made their very lifestyles a more comfortable atmosphere, with the cotton gin being made public, slavery was now realized as the thing that would change the forefront of the

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