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In this essay, I will be explaining how the commission plan, non-partisanship at large elections, city manager plan, and stronger mayors worked together to destroy the power of the urban bosses, along with who opposed and supported this reform. These all worked together to destroy urban bosses power by the creation of progressivism, and giving the people the right to choose their candidates. First let’s talk about how the commission plan, which was developed in Galveston, Texas in 1901, worked against urban bosses. The commission plan, which was originally known as the Galveston plan, removed the use of urban bosses paying politician 's way into office. These commissioners were chosen for specific aspects aspects of municipal affairs, for example: public works, finance, or public safety. Not long after Galveston other cities started developing their own version of the plan. Now, moving along to the city manager plan. This plan had hired experts to hold office instead of just anyone they could find. This wasn’t like in the older times of if you knew someone at the police station, you could be a police officer without any certification, and also prevented urban bossed from hiring just anybody off the street, or someone they were close friends with. This plan only wanted the best people…show more content…
Stronger mayor 's campaign against corrupt politicians. These politicians were supported by the urban bosses. Because the stronger mayors had captivating personalities and persuasive speaking skills, it made their chances for getting into office higher. People wanted the reform and changes the stronger mayors talked about, and wanted someone in officer who was skilled in what they were running for, and someone they could trust. The people voting wanted a candidate who wasn’t corrupt or someone who didn’t have to cheat to obtain an office position, and a person with great knowledge and

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