Commit 2-Change Research Paper

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Commit-2-Change (C2C) is a child-focused aid organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of female orphans in India through education and related programming. Since its establishment, C2C has supported over 400 children in their efforts to build a better future for themselves and women in India.

Sejal Gehani and Sumana Setty are co-founders of Commit2Change
Sejal was Family Nurse Practitioner working at Boston university medical center. She also worked at Sydney Borum Homeless Youth shelter. She has built her life around healing the adolescent population through a holistic approach.

Sejal travels to India every year to volunteer at Asha Sadan. She also works with the Maharashtra State Women 's Council (MSWC).

Sumana Setty

Before C2C, Sumana is one of
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Families for such reasons usually abandon these orphans as she has HIV or because she is a girl. These two issues root India’s society and culture. This means that more girls are victims of abuse, human trafficking and early marriage. C2C strive to empower these young women to make a difference in their society.

Secondary education for young women is key. This is where normally young girls drop out of school and the most vulnerable. If girls are given basic education, they will have a better chance of wanting to continue with schooling. An Educated girl who has completed secondary schools will have a 20% higher wage than women who has not.
Through Commit @ Change, holistic approach a holistic approach, they address everyday education to classroom material.
Commit to a change provides the fees and school supplies. They hire qualified teachers and implement training programs. They also offer nutrition and health care. This curriculum will allow girls to develop intellectually and inspire personal and communal responsibility.

Studies show if 1% more girls in India get through secondary education, it can add over 5 billion to the GDP of
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