6 Principles Of Persuasion

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Persuasion is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as the act of causing people to do or believe something : the act or activity of persuading people (n.d). The 6 principles of persuasion are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, commitment & consistency, consensus and liking. In this assignment I’ll explain why they’re important and how they can be applied effectively to create better business opportunities and relationships with the customer. Define and discuss the 6 principles of persuasion

1. Reciprocity is when someone provides another person with a good or service and the receiver in turn responds with an exchange of what they consider the with of value. As human beings we have an expectation that the receiver should reciprocate
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Authority isn’t limited to company management, it includes the sales representatives and customer service assistance. A person can best serve the customer and their company by increasing their knowledge and experience of what they’re selling, and this way the salesperson can promote the product with confidence and develop trust with the customer. Building a good rapport can also lead to a repeat customer. When I worked at a hair salon the owner use to let the staff try all the products and purchase them at cost price. This developed excellent product knowledge and authority over what we were promoting (Saylor Foundation, n.d.,…show more content…
I persuaded a group of friends at work to assist me in organising and setting up a haunted house for the kids club we were worked at. Here is how I applied all of the 6 principles during the persuasion process.

reciprocity - I asked co-workers for assistance and delegated them with projects and reciprocated by thanking them all for donating their time for my cause. I also exchanged some of our club’s resources with other departments that they needed for their Halloween costumes. scarcity, We had limited resources in the kids club for costumes and equipment to create certain scenes in the haunted house. I sought special items from other departments and management. I also had to be mindful of how much of our scarce stock was given out to the others I reciprocated
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