Commitment, Reflective Practice, Integrity, Professionalism

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Social responsibility, Commitment, Reflective practice, Integrity, Professionalism
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I. I demonstrated a social responsibility by treating all of my classmates as I would my own brother or sister. I do not judge others, including my classmates, as this is not my job to do. I treated all of them with respect by listening to them and their opinions regardless if it was not something that I absolutely agreed with. If for some reason that I did not agree with them, I respectfully voiced my own thoughts and in the end, saw both “sides” on the subject matter.
II. At work I show a lot of social responsibility. I am a Physical Education teacher and have over 700+ students that I see twice a week. Sadly, most of the students that go to my school come from low-income families. A lot of these students also suffer from intellectual disabilities and/or just have bad attitudes. Nevertheless, I treat each student as I would my own teenage daughter. I form a student-teacher relationship in order to really get to know them that way I can be a better teacher to them. I know when one thinks of PE teachers they do not think that there is much going on in the classroom; however, that is simply not true. We deal with
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I show commitment with my family, specifically my husband of 15 years and our 15 year old daughter. First, I am committed to my husband and take my vows very seriously. In today’s society that is not often seen/heard of and therefore I feel that it is worth mentioning. We got married very young and both of us come from divorced families. I am committed to my daughter as to not only to teach her right from wrong, but also to introduce here to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Growing up my family never went to church and therefore I had to learn about Jesus Christ through my best friend and her family. When my husband and I started our family we knew that we had to “break” this cycle and found a great Church that meets our personal spiritual

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