Committee Of Public Safety French Revolution

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The committee of public safety had many goals but the main goal was to protect the revolution from its enemies. enemies being nobles and other nearby monarchies. robespierre was the leader of the committee of public safety and he was over achieving in preserving the revolution and doing so caused him a lot of enemies and not many friends due to executing anyone suspicious of being against the revolution. even innocent people were executed which made completely impossible to be alive and against the revolution in france. the committee of public safety were effectively protecting the revolution. they were showing promising strength and would take a lot to stop it. other monarchs wanted it crushed so their people wouldn’t get the idea of revolting against them. qall efforts to stop them failed due to a constant show of force.…show more content…
since the revolution had many enemies and few friends peasants were forced to fight and this displeased them. before the revolution the catholic church had a lot of say in the government and a lot of power afterwards some of their power was revoked making it possible to have other religions in france which pissed off the catholic church. with the revolution brought equal rights to every one if that were lost there would be no point in the committee of public safety and it would just be disbanded. to protect the revolution would definitely come before protecting the people. robespierre was basically a dictator after an amount of time and was not thoroughly protecting the people 's rights so he got his head cut off the committee of public safety’s main goal was to protect the revolution even if effected both sides
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