Common Assessment Framework Essay

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The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a process for gathering and recording information about a child for whom a practitioner has concerns in a standard format, identifying the needs of the child and how the needs can be met. It is a shared assessment and planning framework for use across all children’s services and all local areas in the UK. It helps to identify in the early stages the child’s additional needs and promote the best help for the child. Its purpose is to focus around the needs of children and young people. Its aim is to support early intervention and improve joint working and communication between practitioners. It is described as a common language for assessment purposes, which gives a consistent view for delivering the…show more content…
Common Assessment Framework has a 4 step process. Identify the needs early: identifying whether the child/ young person may have additional needs and do this possibly through going through their CAF pre- assessment checklist. They may also discuss the situation with the child possibly involving the parents/ carers unless this is inappropriate. The practitioner must check whether the child has already had a common assessment in the past. Once the practitioner has reviewed all the information, they can decide whether a common assessment is the way forward and will need agreement from the child and/or their family. Assess those needs: gathering and analysing information on strengths and needs using CAF. The practitioner must have discussions with the child, and their family if appropriate, and bring in information other practitioners have provided about the case. This information must all be recorded onto the CAF form, signed by the child or parent on the final version of the assessment form. The National eCAF makes sure that practitioners complete a certain number of fields when recording information to ensure consistency and a minimum standard across the board. These fields are flagged with a red asterisk (*) on the CAF form. Deliver
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