Common Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneurship

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Introduction In the world that we are living in today, each and every person has an opportunity to be and can be an entrepreneur. The only difference is the only difference is 7 letters, those letters are ‘SUCCESS’. We all can do something similar (have the same idea) but not all of us can be successful at it. What is entrepreneurship? “The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.” Despite the given definition not everyone who basis their entrepreneurship is a successful entrepreneur. “It means the right attitude towards a business and the determination and grit to achieve…show more content…
Entrepreneurs must love, enjoy and take seriously what they are doing, what they gain out their business, in the form personal satisfaction, financial gain and enjoyment will be the sum of what they put in. They themselves must take their business seriously or no one else will. Everything should be planned especially money, a business map must be developed to take the business from point to point and as a yard stick to measure the success and watch the rate of success. The entrepreneurs must ask for the sale, marketing regardless of how clever it is pointless without asking for the business. Successful entrepreneurs focus on and know the customer. Understand the needs and wants. entrepreneurs must also be to a certain extent shameless self promoters but must create a positive image. Even without big offices or company cars, they should continue to show the customer the benefits of working with them. with that being mention the customers must be known and must feel appreciated. Investing in technology is a major need to be a successful entrepreneur. Due to technology a one man business can look as good as a 50 million rand company and really wow…show more content…
Evan Spiegel - Snapchat Steve Jobs - Apple Walt Disney - Disney Sam Walton - Walmart John D Rockefeller - Standard oil Company BK Borekyo - Vemma This list was put together based on the growth and success of their business and they way in which they achieved that based on their principles and values. Each of the entrepreneurs had a different approach to how they achieved their goals or how they are executing their plans. Evan Spiegel - Snapchat Snapchat, is the biggest photo messaging application developed up to date. Its Purpose is to create a sense of constant connectivity between when media (photo) is taken and when it is used. serving the purpose of quick media communication. Evan Spiegel (23) realised that this era that world is in is not ‘post PC era’ , but we are in the age of the More-Personal Computer. Basically more personnel computer due to the development of smart phones, started by Iphone (Steve Jobs). His approach to this was based on that concept of constant connectivity and another one known as persuasive connectivity, this is the ability to create media and an increase in

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