Common Core Persuasive Essay

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Topic: Common Core General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech my audience will be able to describe why common core does not work for every child. Central Idea: Common core forces teachers to become "cookie cutter teachers" Introduction 1. Attention Getter: Common Core is a way of learning mathematics, science, social studies, and English for Elementary school children. Each child has a different learning technique and different learning needs. Teachers should be able to rely on their knowledge and training. 2. Why the audience should listen: Common core was once a great idea however, our children are now suffering the consequences of Common Core. Parents have little to no say in how there children will receive…show more content…
Main Point (causes): Common Core was implemented in 2009. However, it has been in the works since 2008. Former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano, who was the chair of the National Governors Association from 2006-2007. While serving as chair, Napolitano wrote an initiative for every year, she specifically focused on improving math and science, as well as the workforce. A. Napolitano stated that the more she thought about it, she realized that America was behind and couldn’t lead innovation in years to come, nor could America compete internationally with the other education systems. B. Napolitano began work on this new task at hand. Eventually making a taskforce of governors, commissioners of education, corporate chief executive officers, and experts in higher education. In December 2008 a report was released, and common core was adopted by 45 states. (Borowski) C. “Common core was set in place to ensure that children have the opportunity to reach a higher education of expectation and excellence.” Main Point (Effects) Main Point: Teachers are becoming “cookie cutter” teachers. Teachers have little to no control over their own classroom, teachers are strongly encouraged to comply with the standards of common core decided by the federal bureaucrat. Common core leaves no room for a teacher to uniquely engage each
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