Common Core Persuasive Essay

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Common core is a set of standards for English and math to teach kids k-12 “Nationwide 43 states and the district of Columbia have adopted the common core standards” -Tully. Many people oppose the standards and so do I “Republicans showed the highest opposition 76% with 38% of democrats says they oppose the standards.” -Osborne. Common core should be discontinued because instead of teaching the course, it teaches the test, there is less flexibility for teachers to adapt to how the students need to be taught, and it does not prepare them for college. If the common core standards are implemented some states will have to take a step back because their standards are actually better than the common core standards. The English Standards for the common core focus on “informative” text. Though this helps kids know information, most kids tune out because the subject is boring and end up not learning anything. What they focus on while teaching is how to cite evidence from passages and some other strategies this does not help them in the end…show more content…
“Average Act scores very by state. Why? A Couple of reasons: Varied curriculum Different standards for high school graduation, and preparation for diverse test proving that students have met the standards needed to graduate high school.”-Broderick. An example of common core being a bad curriculum is that the Average ACT score for South Carolina is 18.5, which follows common core curriculum compared to Oklahoma, which has an average ACT score of 20.4. As shown above clearly the common core standards do not work to help the kids. Another example is that the 2016 average SAT scores for Delaware were 995. While the average SAT scores for Minnesota, which did not adopt the common core was 1300 that is a 300-point difference. In both instances states without common core got higher
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