Common Core Research Paper

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Common Core is the new standard of teaching in schools implemented by the federal government. State education chiefs and governors developed a set of standards that they believe students should know after each grade, so they are prepared for college or a job after high school. But are these standards fair for everyone? Not everyone learns at the same speed and some students require special attention. The cost of Common Core is also costly to the school districts. Most teachers do not support Common Core either. I believe there needs to be some modifications made for student with special needs. Common Core is tailored to a student that learns at a normal rate. The creators did not take into consideration students with mental and physical…show more content…
The cost of Common Core can greatly impact a school and a student`s education. The Washington State Office of Public Instruction last year estimated the new Common Core standards will cost taxpayers in the state more than $300 million. (Kittle, M.D.). These costs are due to the new need for technology, textbooks, and other requirements for Common Core. Since Common Core tests are mainly computer operated, schools now need the technology in order to complete them. This money could be used somewhere else such as art or music programs. Many school are eliminating art programs because of the lack of money. Money can also be used to hire more teachers, so class sizes can be decreased in…show more content…
Each student is different and learns differently. There needs to be modifications for special needs students. The price tag of common core is hurting school districts. The anxiety of test taking is causing psychological effects on some students. The communication between parents and children regarding school work is just about lost and teachers now teach towards the test. I honestly do not think that common core will drastically help a student be better prepared for college or a job after high school. Since it is still a new concept, there is no real statistical data to support how effective common core is. You should not have to worry about how good you do on a test, but rather develop critical thinking skills do better yourself for the
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