Common Core Reflective Essay

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• What new insights have you gained on your Commentary topic throughout the process of drafting, researching, and revising? Did your point of view change at all? If so, how or why? I gained a lot of information about Common Core through my research, drafting, and the writing process for my Commentary essay. I learned about how Common Core was drafted and how many groups were involved in the writing development. I also never knew how the United States was ranked internationally for scholarly subjects just that we were ranked low. I also found out a lot about the No Child Left Behind Act, my children were not in school for the NCLB so all of my original knowledge was second or third hand. While my view on Common Core did not change, it did become more fine-tuned. • You began to conduct and incorporate academic research during the writing and planning of your Commentary essay. How well prepared do you feel about conducting academic research? Please elaborate on your response. I feel comfortable conducting academic research now. I am more comfortable using information that I found in the school’s library that is peer reviewed; as opposed to a website, that provides limited information about its resources. While I was incredibly overwhelmed doing the research, reading, and rereading the peer-reviewed…show more content…
Common Core is still too new to see if it will help the majority of American’s or not. I know my own daughters are doing homework in Elementary and Middle school that I did not see until I was in High School, so in that respect Common Core has accelerated their learning. The only public forums I would share this information is in casual conversations with other school moms. I could potentially share this on other open forums for my school district but I would not be that forward,
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