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The nation has moved toward Common Core Standards, although not all of the States has not adopted the Common Core Standards. By 2009, Common Core Standards, which stated that “these educational standards are for kindergarten through twelfth grade in English language arts and mathematics to ensure that students graduate from high school prepared to enter a two or four-year college programs and be able to use the skills in the workforce. In the early 2000s, every state had developed and adopted its learning standards, which specify what students in grades 3-8 and high school should be able to do when those students reach each grade level. The Common Core Standards are standards that define what students should be able to understand and be able…show more content…
After receiving the adoption, the Department of Education began working with the local school districts and school to implement the standards in the school. Many school systems are trying to make sure that they are doing what they have to do to make sure that the students are learning what they need to learn in each grade level. Some school systems were thinking that the standards are hard to handle for the students. According to Edwards, 2014, which stated that parents, teachers, administrators and students are finding themselves in a battle about the new education standards as Common Core. With this information provided in this article, they still think that the rules will not work for the students and some school system still wanted to know if the Common Core Standards will be used during the academic year. As of Mississippi’s education system, they are using the Common Core Standards, but the teachers, parents, and students are still upset about the standards they are using in the school system. Some education system has turned into a battlefield about the standards because they do not want to change their standards because students are still having a problem with the standardize tests. The school system using these standards will take out all of the fun in teaching and…show more content…
I also think educators are having the trouble with the rules because this is something new and challenges to their teaching skills. Educators have to grade students work entirely different and try to make sure the rules are working for them and the students. I believe as an educator knowing that these standards will not help the students stay focus with the materials because the state I am living in, the students are learning from a textbook, which make them complain about it and be confused on the materials from the book. From listening to my child, I believe as a parent and an educator, I think that students are not going to progress at the rate that Common Core believes that they should. I also think that students will retain their grade level because all of these tests they are taking to move to the next grade. An excellent example of this is if a student is in the three grade they must pass a test before moving to fourth grade. As an educator I think that it will be a lot of students from this generation and the future generation will drop out rate will increase because of these standards. The standards that Mississippi adopted will not help our children because some of the students are still confused about these rules and how the teachers are teaching them. I think that Mississippi should have done some work or thought about the students

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